Seven Sisters, south coast of the UK

What are folks using as ebook readers these days? I love my kindle voyage, but wondering whether a Kobe Libre 2 might help me get through my large epub collection more easily.

I know Kindles now work with epubs, but not natively - Amazon converts them. πŸ“š

Enjoying the quiet and cool green shade

Keeping cool in the woods - early dog walk before temperatures rise

Fascinating article about vending machines - more than you ever thought you needed to know…

Tuning in for WWDC keynote today - interested to see how they balance beginner UX of the iPad with the more pro features they desperately need in iOS to make the most of the M1 chip.

TIL today: Mac OS Monterey has a networkQuality terminal command - very useful!

πŸŽ™πŸŽ΅Looking for some recommendations for over ear headphones for heavy online/zoom use by and occasional music while working. Airpod Pros are great but ears starting to get sore. Wired or wireless fine, but ideally not too hot. What’s your fav audio setup?

Nice day for some stand up paddle boarding (I must learn how to do this this year)

Loving this print from Geri Draws Japan feels very summer-y πŸ₯°

Amazed by the age of Karahan Tepe, the 13,000-year-old city - older than anything else we know of.

Loving this how we think about ux quality from Shopify the use of a pyramid for communication of effort is a really nice touch.

Enjoying a breezy beach

Back down in the SouthWest visiting the father in law. Love the sandy beaches down here.

This hardcover edition of Thoreau’s masterpiece looks incredible. Love beautiful book design πŸ“š

πŸ“· day 10, Pot with very slow growing cactus 🌡

πŸ“· day 9 bloom some lovely sea thrift

πŸ“· Day 8, Union tandem paragliders- can’t really get closer or more dependent than this! πŸͺ‚

πŸ“· day 7, Park - as I live next to the South Downs, this is my local park. Spot the paraglider πŸͺ‚