Satisfying morning fixing up log store and carrying/stacking a load of wood πŸͺ΅

Lovely sky yesterday evening where I parked

Found some awesome lit tiny paper dioramas in an art show - furniture all about a few cm high 🎨

Out exploring West Dean Gardens in the heat and enjoyed all the shadows in the glasshouses 🌱

Perfect day off Thursday at west wittering beach

Stunning shots from the Drone photo awards 2023 - still tempted by a drone (but know it requires as much practice as any other creative discipline) - too many hobbies! πŸ“·

Electricity from the air - a long way to go before it’s practical but interesting research 🧐 ⚑️

Enjoying tweaking my microblog with Modern Font Stacks and Tiny Theme from @mtt (thanks for making this lovely theme!)

Played my first hour of tennis in 15 years - ooof πŸ˜… time to figure out how to get tennis-fit again! 🎾

Teaching myself lino printing - first efforts 🎨

Very grateful for local woods to take dog when it’s hot πŸ₯΅

Added some wood stain to step edges - less of a trip hazard!

Write up a little piece on A.I. on my blog from the perspective of a designer πŸ€–

Was looking for a binge-worthy tv show and enjoying the older πŸ“Ί The Blacklist (2013)

The Blacklist poster

Just finished about how to talk to customers to validate business ideas - lots to process and figure out from it but just excellent. I love Rob Fitzpatrick’s books - never too long but always insightful ( was another absolute fav from him this year) πŸ“š

Loving this video from Vox and Jake Blount on the banjo’s connection to early black folk music as well as his own site - a treasure trove of folk music old and new 🎡πŸͺ•……

Almost done watching Sevrance - what a show. Each episode builds on the last wonderfully and it’s just beautifully shot. πŸ“Ί

I’ve decided to have a go at learning how to make ambient lofi music with ableton from scratch over the next year. Does anyone have any good recs for reasonably priced sound interfaces and desktop speakers for use with a Mac? Points if they look nice. 🎡🎹 Update - lots of good recs received!…

Just discovered the joys of Israeli Osem peanut butter puffs and Belgian lotus biscoff biscuits - upping my snack game πŸͺ

Wanting to write longer-form posts more and get back into blogging, so I’m trying to carve out time weekly to write more. Here’s today’s effort: 15 lessons learned working remotely for a Product Company