Lovely cliff path walk today south of Falmouth, Cornwall

Nice day trip out exploring Bristol on the train while visiting nearby

Waiting for her first train ride

Day 7 or 8 of Covid for me. So thankful to be able to shelter at home and have someone look out for me, but living in one room has been really testing. The dog spends time outside my door not understanding what she can’t come in. It’s finally eased off a bit but so looking forward to starting my 2024 properly soon.

Got to go on a boat tour of the Rampion wind farm off the south coast of the UK. Such an incredible engineering feat to build something like this in such a challenging environment.

Heading into Brighton in a rare outing to see actual people, lured in by the tempting double bill of @paulrobertlloyd and @roobottom give design talks 🙌🔥

Lovely 4K renders of rivers - love the organic shapes. From the post: “An ongoing series of vibrant river and delta images from North America and other parts of the world. The images are constructed using high-resolution elevation data. To learn more about the rivers and to download the 4K-resolution versions, use the links at the bottom of the page.”

Interesting article from DJ mag on the future of the DAW for music makers… 🎵

Finished reading: Last Argument Of Kings by Joe Abercrombie 📚a great third book albeit long - already onto the fourth, ‘best served cold’ which is a revenge thriller set in the same world.

Finished reading: The Rose Code by Kate Quinn 📚enjoyed the blend of history and thriller

‘Esme’s Chair’ - cool yellow and black blue relief inks. I’ve only got 3 colours and two cutting tools but hope to save up for more! 🎨

Did some linoprintng yesterday 🎨

Satisfying morning fixing up log store and carrying/stacking a load of wood 🪵

Lovely sky yesterday evening where I parked

Found some awesome lit tiny paper dioramas in an art show - furniture all about a few cm high 🎨

Out exploring West Dean Gardens in the heat and enjoyed all the shadows in the glasshouses 🌱

Perfect day off Thursday at west wittering beach

Stunning shots from the Drone photo awards 2023 - still tempted by a drone (but know it requires as much practice as any other creative discipline) - too many hobbies! 📷

Electricity from the air - a long way to go before it’s practical but interesting research 🧐 ⚡️

Enjoying tweaking my microblog with Modern Font Stacks and Tiny Theme from @mtt (thanks for making this lovely theme!)