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Apr 15, 2024: Lovely cliff path walk today south of Falmouth, Cornwall

Mar 4, 2024: Nice day trip out exploring Bristol on the train while visiting nearby

Mar 4, 2024: Waiting for her first train ride

Jan 1, 2024: Day 7 or 8 of Covid for me. So thankful to be able to shelter at home and have someone look out for me, but living in one room has been really …

Oct 26, 2023: Got to go on a boat tour of the Rampion wind farm off the south coast of the UK. Such an incredible engineering feat to build something like this in …

Oct 10, 2023: Heading into Brighton in a rare outing to see actual people, lured in by the tempting double bill of @paulrobertlloyd and @roobottom give design talks …

Oct 1, 2023: Lovely 4K renders of rivers - love the organic shapes. From the post: “An ongoing series of vibrant river and delta images from North America …

Oct 1, 2023: Interesting article from DJ mag on the future of the DAW for music makers… 🎵

Aug 20, 2023: Finished reading: Last Argument Of Kings by Joe Abercrombie 📚a great third book albeit long - already onto the fourth, ‘best served cold’ which is a …

Aug 20, 2023: Finished reading: The Rose Code by Kate Quinn 📚enjoyed the blend of history and thriller

Jul 23, 2023: ‘Esme’s Chair’ - cool yellow and black blue relief inks. I’ve only got 3 colours and two cutting tools but hope to save up for more! 🎨

Jul 23, 2023: Did some linoprintng yesterday 🎨

Jul 15, 2023: Satisfying morning fixing up log store and carrying/stacking a load of wood 🪵

Jul 11, 2023: Lovely sky yesterday evening where I parked

Jul 8, 2023: Found some awesome lit tiny paper dioramas in an art show - furniture all about a few cm high 🎨

Jul 8, 2023: Out exploring West Dean Gardens in the heat and enjoyed all the shadows in the glasshouses 🌱

Jul 7, 2023: Perfect day off Thursday at west wittering beach

Jul 5, 2023: Stunning shots from the Drone photo awards 2023 - still tempted by a drone (but know it requires as much practice as any other creative discipline) - …

Jul 5, 2023: Electricity from the air - a long way to go before it’s practical but interesting research 🧐 ⚡️

Jul 5, 2023: Enjoying tweaking my microblog with Modern Font Stacks and Tiny Theme from @mtt (thanks for making this lovely theme!)

Jul 5, 2023: Played my first hour of tennis in 15 years - ooof 😅 time to figure out how to get tennis-fit again! 🎾

Jul 5, 2023: Teaching myself lino printing - first efforts 🎨

Jul 5, 2023: Very grateful for local woods to take dog when it’s hot 🥵

Jul 5, 2023: Added some wood stain to step edges - less of a trip hazard!

May 17, 2023: Write up a little piece on A.I. on my blog from the perspective of a designer 🤖

Mar 12, 2023: Was looking for a binge-worthy tv show and enjoying the older 📺 The Blacklist (2013)

Dec 19, 2022: Just finished about how to talk to customers to validate business ideas - lots to process and figure out from it but just …

Dec 8, 2022: Loving this video from Vox and Jake Blount on the banjo’s connection to early black folk music as well as his own site - a treasure trove of folk …

Nov 28, 2022: Almost done watching Sevrance - what a show. Each episode builds on the last wonderfully and it’s just beautifully shot. 📺

Nov 26, 2022: I’ve decided to have a go at learning how to make ambient lofi music with ableton from scratch over the next year. Does anyone have any good recs for …

Oct 29, 2022: Just discovered the joys of Israeli Osem peanut butter puffs and Belgian lotus biscoff biscuits - upping my snack game 🍪

Oct 23, 2022: Wanting to write longer-form posts more and get back into blogging, so I’m trying to carve out time weekly to write more. Here’s …

Oct 23, 2022: Waiting for the light on a rainy day 📷

Oct 23, 2022: Mushroom season 🍄📷

Oct 23, 2022: Loved all the mossy trees and feeling of the seasons changing 📷

Oct 23, 2022: Went out capturing autumn while my wife photographed the colour 📷

Oct 14, 2022: A day in the life: enjoying a good coffee while looking out at the garden greenery, with dog who always comes to sit beside me.

Oct 9, 2022: Lovely day out at Leonardslee Gardens enjoying the sculptures 🥰 🖼️

Oct 8, 2022: Enjoyed a woodland walk seeing all the mushrooms out 🍄

Oct 3, 2022: Trying to get outside more after work and walk. Sky changed as sun was setting.

Sep 25, 2022: First painting in about 5 months - nice to break the dry spell 🎨🖌️

Sep 25, 2022: Cleared out a dedicated art space 🎨🖌️

Sep 25, 2022: Enjoying some Sunday morning coffee ☕️ and debating whether I should upgrade my Series 4 to a S8 or a secondhand S7 ⌚️

Sep 17, 2022: Old Coast guard cottages

Sep 17, 2022: Seven Sisters, south coast of the UK

Jul 17, 2022: What are folks using as ebook readers these days? I love my kindle voyage, but wondering whether a Kobe Libre 2 might help me get through my large …

Jul 17, 2022: Enjoying the quiet and cool green shade

Jul 17, 2022: Keeping cool in the woods - early dog walk before temperatures rise

Jun 7, 2022: Fascinating article about vending machines - more than you ever thought you needed to know…

Jun 6, 2022: Tuning in for WWDC keynote today - interested to see how they balance beginner UX of the iPad with the more pro features they desperately need in iOS …

Jun 4, 2022: TIL today: Mac OS Monterey has a networkQuality terminal command - very useful!

Jun 4, 2022: 🎙🎵Looking for some recommendations for over ear headphones for heavy online/zoom use by and occasional music while working. Airpod Pros are great but …

Jun 3, 2022: Nice day for some stand up paddle boarding (I must learn how to do this this year)

May 28, 2022: Loving this print from Geri Draws Japan feels very summer-y 🥰

May 24, 2022: Amazed by the age of Karahan Tepe, the 13,000-year-old city - older than anything else we know of.

May 23, 2022: Loving this how we think about ux quality from Shopify the use of a pyramid for communication of effort is a really nice touch.

May 15, 2022: Enjoying a breezy beach

May 15, 2022: Back down in the SouthWest visiting the father in law. Love the sandy beaches down here.

May 11, 2022: This hardcover edition of Thoreau’s masterpiece looks incredible. Love beautiful book design 📚

May 10, 2022: 📷 day 10, Pot with very slow growing cactus 🌵

May 9, 2022: 📷 day 9 bloom some lovely sea thrift

May 8, 2022: 📷 Day 8, Union tandem paragliders- can’t really get closer or more dependent than this! 🪂

May 7, 2022: 📷 day 7, Park - as I live next to the South Downs, this is my local park. Spot the paraglider 🪂

May 6, 2022: Nice Synth tutorial for beginners from Ableton

May 6, 2022: I’m not really a⌚️person, but this explanation of the physics of mechanical watches is wonderful

May 6, 2022: 📷 Day 6, Silhouette, 18th Century tin mine pumping house

May 5, 2022: 📷 bluebells that grow in earth from my local woods, photo challenge day 5

May 4, 2022: 📷 Day 4 Thorny - despite garden needing removal of many thorns, prefer staying inside w this guy.

May 3, 2022: 📷 Day 3 experimental photo challenge - the Uk’s national sub-atomic particle accelerator (I was lucky enough to photograph) - riffing off @rknightuk

May 3, 2022: Interesting that Basecamp are rebranding back to 37Signals as they start making more products after their addition of HEY + one in the works.

May 2, 2022: 📷 Day 2, May Photoblogging Challenge photo done - thanks to my wife’s iPhone and my curious dog Misty. I probably should have taken it down one more …

May 1, 2022: #mbmay photo challenge - switch 📷

Apr 30, 2022: Lovely belated birthday present of Issue 2 of FRAMELINES a street/documentary photography magazine 📷🥰

Apr 30, 2022: The Reason Why - really enjoyed listening to this on the drive back - a really entertaining podcast looking at the social issues, hidden history and …

Apr 30, 2022: Heading back on the long drive from Cornwall today. Enjoyed exploring the St Agnes headland yesterday, Wheal Coates and Towanroath engine house, …

Apr 28, 2022: Finished reading: The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman 📚- I’m a big YA fiction fan, and love discovering older sets of books that I can devour …

Apr 27, 2022: Been very lucky with weather staying down at Watergate Bay - a much needed week of coastal path walking exploring different parts of North Cornwall, …

Apr 26, 2022: Some more shots from Holywell Bay yesterday - a beautiful beach!

Apr 26, 2022: my favourite coffee brewing method Planning third day of Cornish walking with the help of good coffee. Tried a million different ways of making coffee and keep coming back to a ceramic …

Apr 25, 2022: Spent the day offline exploring the dunes of Holywell Bay. Nice to reconnect with nature.

Apr 25, 2022: Exploring as a place for short notes, photos and thoughts as opposed to using the big silos of Twitter and Instagram - looking forward to …

Apr 25, 2022: Started a week off down in Cornwall exploring the North coast yesterday - this was a nice 5 mile stretch of the SW coastal path along to Newquay. Sea …